3 things you should know about electric cars

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In this sophisticated era, scientists are constantly striving to create alternative technologies that can maintain a natural balance. One of the best innovations that have been discovered during this time is electric cars. Unlike conventional cars, this car moves using the electrical energy stored in a special battery.

Actually, electric cars are not new items in the automotive world. This technology has been discovered since the late 19th century. But the popularity of the car was dimmed in the 1970 ‘s and 1980 ‘s. This is because the engine combustion technology in conventional automobiles is increasingly advanced so that the price of gasoline-fueled vehicles tends to be cheaper.

New when in 2000-an oil price soared, vehicles or electric cars began to be noticed again. Since 2011, leading car manufacturers such as Mitsubishi, Nissan, Tesla, and Renault have begun producing electric energy-fueled vehicles and selling them commercially on the market.

In our country, research on electric cars has been officially started since April 2012. The research was funded by a government fund of about 100 billion rupiah. The research was conducted as a government effort in creating environmentally friendly alternative technologies and emission-saving. To succeed the program, the government even established regulations on tax exemption for electric vehicles in June 2013.

The support from the Indonesian government makes investors interested in investing in this field. It proved with the opening of the Swedish electric vehicle factory named PT Lundin Industry in the city of Banyuwangi in the year 2013. The multinational Target company is producing a minimum of 100,000 units of electric cars annually. Not interesting?

Reading the history of electric cars on top certainly makes us curious, what the heck is another interesting thing about this eco-friendly technology? If you want to know, let’s look at 3 interesting things about the following electric cars,

Energy efficiency

When braking, each vehicle will definitely create new energy. In conventional cars, the energy is wasted along with gas generated gasoline-burning systems. While in electric cars, the energy from vibration caused by braking is captured and stored into the battery so that there is additional power.

It shows that electric vehicles are much more efficient than conventional gasoline-fueled vehicles. Although perhaps the price of selling electric cars is more expensive, but this energy efficiency makes this car much more efficient than conventional vehicles.

Electricity is easy to obtain

The main fuel of electric cars is the electricity that is easy to obtain and produce. To produce such energy, we only need generators and power plants such as steam, water, wind, or nuclear. Compared to gasoline, it is obviously much more effective.

Because to get petrol fuel, we must do drilling and oil exploitation from the Earth’s stomach. If this is done continuously, petroleum will be more scarce and the price is getting soaring high.

Environmentally friendly

Because it does not produce exhaust gases, electric cars are often regarded as environmentally friendly vehicles. This type of car is designed to absorb the energy inflicted by every vehicle activity so that almost nothing is wasted.

So it can be imagined, how clean the air is around us if everyone is using an electric vehicle. No more smoke toxic vehicles that can damage the health and pollute the air.

Well, that’s some electric vehicle facts you should know. Hopefully the above information is beneficial and raises awareness about the importance of environmentally friendly high-tech vehicles.

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