4 advanced technology in Dubai Make Amazed

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Dubai, one of the most populous city in the United Arab Emirates the most highlighted world. The city is growing rapidly, as evidenced by advances technology and many skyscrapers that grow in the city. Reasonable only if Dubai became the city’s most advanced than other Middle Eastern countries.
Talk about the advancement of technology, Dubai got lots of sophistication-sophistication. This is the advancement of technology in Dubai:

1. There is a Flying Motorcycle

Dubai Police will use motor flying or hover bike to patrol. The motorcycle is equipped with four vanes movers like drones and they will fly. Police will patrol this hover bike at 2020. This electric-powered motors and could float as far as five meters.

The Director of the Artificial Intelligence Department of the Dubai police force, Brigadier Khalid Nasser Al Razooqi said motor flying can be used because of its ability to reach a location difficult to achieve and is expected to address the emergency situation when the traffic solid.

2. The vehicle Speed Reaches 1,200 km/h

Hyperloop Dubai into a sophisticated transport in Dubai. This vehicle is the result of teamwork Dubai Road Transport Authority (RTA) with Virgin Hyperloop One based in Los Angeles. With this sophisticated vehicles, guests can be delivered from Dubai to Abu Dhabi with just 12 minutes.

Hyperloop this concept like a pod with a luxury interior design and futuristic. In addition, the RTA says Hyperloop will be developed into a vehicle without crew.

3. Advanced-Tech Mosque

Mosque in Dubai is supported by advanced technology. Visitors can see all the information in the mosque of Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid al-Maktoum in Jumeirah 3 just from your mobile phone. The trick with code Quick Response (QR). Mosque visitors must scan the QR code that is in the mosque. Then, information about the mosque appears on their cell phone.

Later this way will also be done in another historical building in Dubai. As in government buildings and nine other mosques which will come with a QR code technology.

4. The robots wandering around in the city

In addition to the Dubai police, the robot will also be on patrol around the city. A robot named Robocop is ready to help Dubai police and help people who have difficulty. Later in the year 2030 is estimated at a quarter of the total police force in Dubai is the form of energy the robot.

Height of this robot is more or less the same 165 cm and a weight of approximately 220 pounds. RoboCop use wheel as a tool of motion in order to move faster when compared to a robot that is wearing away. And speaks six languages.

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