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Decades ago. The country of Israel has created renewable energy electricity technology. The solar Panel Technology system uses PHOTOVOLTAIC cells. These companies include BrightSource, Solel, and Zenith Solar. But somehow, guns unexpectedly. Very fast development. The Jews decided to sell these photovoltaic tools to the United States, China, and Europe.

Apart from the sales of the company is worth billions of dollars. Israel is creating a more renewable energy generating company with Next Level generation. From my findings. The most widely used Jewish state 3 sources Aja. Namely: sunlight, geothermal and forest. And they also use NUCLEAR. Each day they also continue to reduce fossil fuel consumption.

There are 4 companies that became the national mainstay of the Jews in generating energy. What Aja was. Let’s you see below yes. Hopefully useful aja ya:


Brenmiller Energy is the electricity producing company of sunlight. It has its headquarters in the state of Israel. The company is different from other solar energy power generation companies from around the world. Because guns again use the concept of photovoltaic cells which usually form flat Panel and black color.

Brenmiller Energy precisely uses the form of mirror glass material like we used everyday to comb hair and dress up. The material is abundant in the universe. In the form of glass, metal, and iron Aja. Ngga again using photovoltaic technology as we know so far YG impressed valuable expensive banget ya.

The way Brenmiller Energy works is by attaching a curved mirror-shaped glass directed to the sunlight. Later this mirror will function like a magnifying glass that will multiply the light. The sunlight accumulates in the midst of a mirror. Will be on the Pantulkan to the iron pipe contains moisture. Steam water will be reheat. This steam will move the Generator to become electricity.

Since its founding in 2012-2015. BRENMILLER ENERGY has been able to produce 500 megawatts of electricity to the Israelites.

The way the business works is also very easy to digest. Brenmiller Energy will buy a land and will build its own all units with the company’s finances. Then electricity was sold to the community by going through the electricity cables in general. Electricity price will be sold more competitive and cheap. Later profit sales will be in use again to build new units-Unitdevices and to care for those tools.


Ormat Technologies has a specialist in generating electrical energy using the power of geothermal that is fiery in the underground.

Ormat Technologies first established in Israel which was created by Jewish scientists. But because the Jewish nation guns had many geothermal geothermal in his country. Finally decided to choose the United States as its base spot because there were many Geothermal. At the same time, the United States is entrusted by Israel to become a sales member (marketing marketing to other countries)

In year 2015. Ormat Technology has installed up to 750 power units around the world. Covers New Zealand, United States, Germany, Japan, Kenya, India, Canada, and more.

How ORMAT TECHNOLOGIES works. Is to choose location first YG if have a strong geothermal. Then steel pipe pipe will be put down the earth right at the location of the geothermal point.

The pipes consist of 2 alternating flows. Pipe one to place the water into the stomach of the earth. The water is burned down under Earth produces moisture. This water vapor is going to be in Tampung by several other pipes heading upwards to the center Generator. Ride to drive generating electricity.

The smoke produced by ORMAT TECHOLOGIES. Actually only smoke YG 100% healthy to be in Hirup by humans because it is only water vapor.


Hear the word “FOREST”. Our minds are a place filled with Trees and animals in the form of deer, wild chickens, and birds of Twitter. But know friends yes. Apparently for the JEWS. Forests are the largest source of electrical energy and everything for Israel. That is why the Jewish community through the KKL-JNF Program is very fond of planting trees in the desert of the barren to be converted into ARTIFICIAL FOREST.

Kok can ya..? How can forest be a source of “ELECTRICITY”.

Know the Friends of a FOREST fact. Forest other than beneficial as a buffer or water holding, dense forest can also invite the arrival of rain every year. That will bring clean fresh water in many doses. When the water is much. Then the life of natural ecosystem also thrives perfectly.

In addition, forests can also absorb the effect of greenhouse gases. But on the other hand, forest. Especially the trees who’ve been old, or remnants of foliage, twigs, or remnants of fruit decomposing. Apparently can be taken and transported to be inserted into a machine as power plant. This is called BIOGAS.

Israeli company which experts in the field of generating electrical energy from weathering Forest is EMEFCY company headquartered in Israel. EMEFCY also takes animal impurities, human impurities, urine, and food remnants from all over Israel to be processed into ELECTRICITY. Later the remainder of this Biogas in addition to generating electricity will also produce fertilizer that will be passed again to the artificial forest Israel.


The last is AORA SOLAR. An electrical energy generating company from sunlight rays. How it works differently as YG conventional do YG using photovoltaic panels that are flat yes. However, the AORA SOLAR system is quite different. It uses recyclable materials. That is the mirror glass light purifier aja.

Later Glass mirror YG called as Heliostats numbering as much as 30 units. Will be on the Pantulkan to light Hot receiver Special module Tulip-shaped colorful tulips. At the place of the air heat of 1,000 degrees Celsius will be received and in compress to Expander Turbi to create electricity.

AORA SOLAR is able to work generating electricity for 24 hours every day. With 5X folding strength compared to conventional flat solar panels which use photovoltaic. During the day he will use the sunlight. But at night he will be transferred to Biogas from Emercy company. AORA SOLAR is the world’s first electricity company that hybrid can and able to produce electric energy 24 hours every day yes.

Marketwatch on date issue (15/10/2018). The AORA SOLAR records entry ranks the Top 10 largest electric light companies in the world. That includes other rival companies. Namely: Hewalex, Mainframe Energy Solutions, Solar Skies Mfg, Sunmaxx Solar, TVP Solar, Kyocera Solar, Novatech Solar, Rackam and Skyfuel.

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