5 of these dams are the biggest and most sophisticated hydro power in the world

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In Indonesia, one of the safest sources of large-scale electricity is the Hydroelectric Power Plant. Hydroelectric power plants are the best choice for now, considering the incomplete utilization of other types of plants such as nuclear power plants (nuclear power plants) and steam power plants (steam).

The abundance of water in the Indonesian mainland and other countries in the world encourages the establishment of super large hydro power plants capable of producing electrical energy with massive capacity as well. So it is not uncommon for Hydroelectric Power Plant to be built to cover a vast area, even in the ranks of the largest building in the world.

In addition, the converter or energy modifier contained in each of the biggest hydro power dams must use the latest technology and have a multiplicity of numbers so that it can still produce maximum energy but remain stable and environmentally friendly.

Here are 5 dams which also act as the biggest hydro power plant which also produces the largest energy in the world

  1. Grand Coulee

The Grand Coulee Hydroelectric Power Plant, located in Washington State, precisely on the Columbia River, is the largest dam in the United States with a length of 1.6 kilometers and a width of 503 meters.

The waters of Grand Coulee itself are thought to be able to accommodate all the giant pyramids at Giza. Another uniqueness is that this PLTA is located at an altitude of 115 meters above sea level. Making it two times higher than Niagara Falls.

While in terms of technology, Grand Coulee is able to produce power up to 6,809 megawatts. This huge power is produced by 3 giant generators that hold 30 Francis type turbines which are known to have high efficiency.

One plant located in the center of the concrete dam is still under development and is expected to be completed in 2017, with turbine capacity of up to 805 megawatts per unit.

  1. Tucurui

Moving south from the Grand Coulee Hydroelectric Power Plant, there is the fourth largest dam of electricity in the world located in Brazil, the Tucurui Hydroelectric Power Plant. This concrete dam stretches on the Tocantin river with a total length of 12 kilometers and a height of 78 meters.

Construction of dams which began in 1975 and completed in 2010 spent no less than Rp. 64 trillion. This exorbitant price is paid for by the performance of the Tucurui Hydroelectric Power Plant which is capable of producing electricity up to 8,370 megawatts.

There are 14 generating units with a maximum capacity of 330 megawatts at Tucurui’s first development stage, while the second phase produces 11 new plants with a capacity of 370 megawatts in each unit.

Tucurui Dam was also recorded as the first giant hydro power plant to be made in the Amazon rainforest area. With a sophisticated gate control system, as much as 110,000 cubic meters of water can be flowed per second to produce electricity.

  1. Guri

Not far from Tucurui dam, South America still has one more giant dam, the Guri dam located on the Caroni river in Venezuela. In terms of length, Guri might lose to Tucurui because it only has 7.5 kilometers long. But Dam Guri rises to a height of 162 meters.

It turns out that almost one-third of Venezuela’s electricity needs are supplied by hydro power in Dam Guri. Around 20 turbines with a maximum capacity of 770 megawatts can produce up to 10,200 megawatts of electricity.

Uniquely, Guri dam is also made with a charming design. One of the generator rooms has a beautiful color pattern. There is also a giant kinetic statue that complements the beauty of the power plant that produces electricity equivalent to 300,000 barrels of oil per day.

  1. Itaipu

This giant dam, which is the equivalent of a 65-story building, is a joint project between Brazil and Paraguay. Itaipu Dam is built on the Parana river which is located on the border of the two countries.

This dam capable of producing up to 14,000 megawatts of power is the second largest dam in the world. Even the Itaipu hydropower is able to supply 17.3 percent of Brazil’s electricity and 72.5 percent of electricity to Paraguay. In 2000, this sophisticated dam, worth Rp 227 trillion, was able to generate electricity of more than 90,000 megawatts.

Concrete construction and Itaipu store enough steel to make 380 new Eiffel Tower. And the section inside the 196 meter high dam has 20 generators with a capacity of 700 megawatts per unit.

  1. Three Gorges

The giant dam, which has just been built in China in 2012, still holds the record as a permanent hydro power plant to produce the largest electricity in the world, reaching 22,500 megawatts. Such energy is equivalent to 125 times the energy produced by the Asahan hydro power plant in Indonesia.

The Three Gorges Dam or the ‘Three Gorges’ dam built on the Yangtze River is estimated to last for 70 years.

The size of the Three Gorges is actually not too large, which is only 2.3 kilometers long and 181 meters high. But the total turbines it has are 32 units with a capacity of around 700 megawatts plus 2 Francis type turbines with 50 megawatts of power.

Not only working as a dam, Three Gorges also acts as a deterrent to floods and the need for water traffic because it has special internal routes that can be passed by ferry boats.

Unfortunately for the construction of the Rp 302 trillion dam, as many as three villages must be drowned. And no less than 1.24 million residents of the three villages had to be relocated during the construction period from 2003 to 2012 yesterday.

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