Dubai’s biggest Solar Panel Located wakes up in the desert

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With the gift of plenty of sunshine in the Middle East, the efforts of the construction of the monument was being built. Located in Dubai’s desert Garden Solar Panel Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum built to become the new icon of the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

Garden solar panel that corresponds to the name of the ruler of Dubai and UAE Vice President and Prime Minister. It will go beyond a new record as the largest solar fields in the world. Currently entering the eighth year the solar panel Park development.

Satellite imagery showed the enormous scale on which solar panels extending from East to West that surrounded the plant. If completed, Dubai Energy and Water Authority (DEWA) reveals an investment totaling USD13,6 billion could supply energy to power 1.3 million homes and reduce carbon emissions by as much as 6.5 tons per year.

Solar panel fields it began was announced to the public in 2012 and construction project will be completed in 2030. The garden of 5,000 megawatts of solar panels will be completed three times longer than the Burj Khalifa. The first and second phases are finished with a 2.3 solar panels with a capacity of 213 megawatts. Phase three is still in construction project to install solar panels and 3 million 800 megawatts will be completed by 2020.

According to Managing Director Saeed Al-Tayer DEITY, the project marks a stepping stone for the importance of clean and renewable energy. It will also promote the use of a balanced energy for development and the environment. “Solar garden it will generate 5,000 megawatts in 2030. It will supply electricity to an area of 44 square km and break the world record, “said Al-Tayer.

After years of the process of building solar power plant, the project is now entering its fourth phase. It may be the most ambitious stage. After the project starts in March 2018, the program claimed it had a tower of solar power (CSP) in the world.

Programs that use mirrors called heliostats to focus on with the tallest tower to be able to catch the heat. Later on, the heat it will be used to drive turbines that generate electricity.

“Specifically, the CSP is more efficient because higher than photovoltaics, ” says Christos Markides, Professor of environment-friendly energy at Imperial College London, told CNN. CSP saves more energy than heat the battery. “Thermal energy Storage that’s 10 times cheaper than the electrical energy storage,” he said. He added, that’s the main advantage of CSP technology.

In General, the CSP was able to produce electricity without the Sun and could work at night. The Dubai tower was able to store heat for 15 hours and provides the power supply for 24 hours. CSP has reached 260 meters high and surrounded by 70,000 heliostat. The Tower of the CSP with the power of 100 megawatt plus a parabola and photovoltaics will supply 850 megawatts.

Later, the fifth stage of 900 megawatts of photovoltaics will be officially operational in 2021. Early April, alerts you of Arabian Business, a project of construction of the Tower of CSP has already started. It will be a symbol of Dubai’s transformation into a Centre for renewable energy and environmentally friendly. According to CEO GOD of Saeed Mohammed Al-Tayer, the CSP that will become an independent power producer and become the world’s largest CSP.

The construction project was done by CSP Noor Energy 1, a consortium and partnership between gods, ACWA Power from Arabia, and Silk Road Fund from China. According to Abdul Hamid Al Muhaidib, Managing Director Noor Energy development project 1, the CSP is going according to plan.

Later, if the capacity of the electricity generated reached 1,963 megawatts from the first to the fourth phase, then garden solar panel Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Solar Park occupies a position in the world. “It’s been CSP solar towers are the highest in the world. It has a storage capacity of the biggest heat, “said Al-Tayer.

The Solar Farm in Ladakh India would produce 3,000 megawatts at present operates in 2023 when the World Economic Forum. Currently, the Garden solar panels Perched in Ningxia, China, producing the largest 1,547 megawatts and the world today.

“The dust is still a significant challenge,” description of the gods. “The accumulation of dust on the solar panels can generate electricity,” imbuh them. The GODS were preparing a cleaning robot system to clean up power plants in a short time.

Other factors that become a challenge of extreme temperature, very cold at night, while by day is extremely hot. Degradation is also highly temperature extremes. The temperature in summer can reach 40 degrees Celsius, and a dozen degrees Celsius at night.

The project is an effort of the UAE will develop energy mix of eco-friendly energy, nuclear, and renewable energy. The UAE will focus energy to balance economic and environmental goals. Efficient energy use by individuals and organizations up to 40%.

Dubai as the front guard of the development in the UAE will be a pioneer in the development of environmentally friendly energy. Dubai will promise the objectives and framework for clean energy to 2050. Dubai set up the infrastructure, law, financing, and capacity building to achieve clean energy.

Saudi Will Follow Dubai

Inspired by the Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Solar Park in Dubai, Saudi Arabia are interested in developing the program in his country because it is judged more efficient to produce electrical energy. CSP that became the main program will be a source of renewable energy that can store heat and meet the increasing demand for electricity at night.

Projects in Dubai will be developed in the industrial town of Waad Al-Shamal with the program starting with the strength of 50 megawatt CSP. “Arabia monitor latest projects in Dubai, including the rate and scale,” said Abdulhameed Al-Muhaidib, asset management Director of ACWA Power Saudi Arabia and Energy Director Noor Implementation 1.

ACWA Power worked as a developer for CSP projects in Arabia. “I am sure the next phase is the Arabia will become components of CSP that is important,” said Al-Muhaidib reported by Arab News. He reveals, the Saudi program will develop a CSP of 2,700 megawatts, but the details of the project have not been announced.

“There will be many plans about it. We’ll work to develop it, “he explained. Why develop a CSP? Al-Muhaidib reveals, that program is relatively simple because the electricity tariffs are cheaper than conventional energy. In view of the Chairman of the ACWA Power, Abdullah bin Mohammed Abunayyan, development of renewable electrical energy into a great responsibility.

“It also has a positive challenge and we’re going to run that task,” he said. He reveals, the project will be implemented in the next few months. It also ensures the project will be carried out to the highest standard with attention to environmental factors. With the joint cooperation of the UAE, according to Abunayyan, the two countries have huge investment.

“It will be an important project in the world,” he explained. He added, investment in technology is very crucial. Dr. Robert Ichord, senior researcher of the Atlantic Council’s Global Energy Center, revealed that the growth in electricity consumption in Saudi Arabia increased 8 – 10% every year. “The demand of electric energy will be doubled in 2030,” he said.

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