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It is undeniable, the presence of zits on the skin can indeed upset women. To get rid of it, most women prefer to use acne spot treatment. However, not a few also choose to do treatment at the beauty clinic. At present, there are various kinds of special treatments for removing acne. Ranging from IPL, facials, to Blue Light Therapy which is now widely discussed. However, before you decide to try it, let’s get to know Blue Light Therapy first through the following article!

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Blue Light therapy or blue light therapy is one way to deal with acne which is now popular among women. This cutting-edge method is considered effective in controlling the growth of acne safely and with minimal risk. In principle, this therapy involves the use of blue light or light from a device that will be ‘fired’ directly into several areas of the skin over a period of time. Although not yet well known by all Indonesian people, Blue Light Therapy seems to have been used in various countries.

How does it work?

The process is relatively easy and fast. The patient can later choose a sitting position or sleep on his back during the irradiation process. After that, a tool that emits blue light will be placed near the face for approximately 20-30 minutes. Blue Light Therapy can be done once a week until the desired results are achieved. The tool used will later emit blue waves with a long range reaching 405-420 nm to kill propionobacterium acnes that is on the skin of the face. Treatment that has been approved by the FDA as a skin treatment is reportedly also believed to be effective for reducing inflammation while fading acne scars.

Are there Side Effects?

Behind the benefits, Blue Light Therapy also has side effects. This is certainly very reasonable, considering various other treatments also have side effects. However, you don’t need to worry. Because the side effects caused by this treatment are only facial skin that looks dry. However, you need to know that these side effects occur because of the temporary changes in pigment. To overcome the side effects that occur, you can routinely apply moisturizer every time the skin feels dry. In addition, always ready for a mist face can also be an alternative to moisturize the skin easily and practically.

For those who are interested in doing this treatment, you are recommended to undergo Blue Light Therapy once every two weeks. However, the recommended time for treatment actually depends on the severity of the acne experienced by each person. If your acne is still mild, three treatments are enough to see the difference. However, if your acne is quite severe, more than five treatments are needed to make it really fade.

How about the price? Of course the range varies, from the cheapest  IDR 85,000 to around IDR 450,000 for the most expensive.

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