How the solar car works and the excess

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This renewable technology, very booming to the wider community. Advances in technology are capable of creating the latest breakthrough as a substitute for petroleum fuel. Solar powered cars we can already enjoy several years ago, nowadays some developers are perfecting this renewable technology. We know that technology will not retreat from time to time. Before the discovery of solar car technology, many previous discoveries were intended to conserve an unrenewable petroleum fuel reserve, for example by the invention of Biodiesel fuel that I discussed earlier .

Perhaps there are not many people who enjoy this renewable technology. However, with the working principle found solar thermal energy converted into electrical energy, many equipment apply these findings.

Some examples of equipment that utilize solar energy:

  • Traffic signs.
  • Electric stove.
  • Solar power plant. etc

What I will discuss this time is how the solar car works. Cars are no longer items that we find difficult to have, with the demand of the market to the needs of cars as the transportation of middle and upper. Manufacturers compete to develop technology and community confidence. One of them by applying solar power as the main power source of a car unit.

Before we know the working principle of solar power then I will deliver some advantages and disadvantages of solar powered cars.

Advantages of solar powered cars:

  1. do not use fuel. As a substitute source of energy produced using solar power/sunlight. The advantage of this energy is obtained for free, anytime and anywhere.
  2. The solar-powered car is an electric car and its profits do not cause a loud sound, even the sound is very smooth compared to using a gasoline/diesel.
  3. Environmentally friendly. This energy does not reduce the waste unlike oil-fueled cars, CO2 gases and others adversely affects the environment.
  4. Abundant sources. Almost all human populated places have sunlight that can be a source of power without Borders.
  5. components of electric cars are fewer and simpler.
  6. electric cars are also very comfortable and quiet.

Disadvantages of solar powered cars:

  1. The cost for development and installation is very expensive.
  2. If there is damage to the component of the car is very expensive and very difficult to repair the place to remember the car is not much of its use.
  3. The time of the ignition of the battery. resource takes a relatively long time.
  4. In cold areas require special technical to operationalize this car.

How the Solar powered car works:

That is, the heat generated in the solar cell will transmit to the BCR (Batterai Control Regulator) to help raise the current using the battery that is transmitted to the batteries. Power produced in the car is processed by inverter to convert Ac current to Dc. Usually each unit of car consists of 3 batteries each using 100 ampere.

Working principle of solar power:

Sunlight has a rich photon content, when the photons are exposed to solar cells then photons can be matched. When it is blocked energy is saved to the battery.

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