Salt Power Plant

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Looking for alternative energy sources from research that is being initiated by researchers. They are all worried about the energy sources that have been used so far will run out so they try to find useful new innovations. Some of the power plants found in the plant are nuclear, air, air, geothermal, earth recovery, magnetism, and sunlight. And the new discovery discovered by the meritorious researchers is a salt power plant.

Salt Power Plant

The Working Principle of a Salt Power Plant

The discovery of an energy source with a very economical base material is a smart discovery that needs to be thumbs up. The research found by researchers from Stanford University in the United States has the principle of working with conventional batteries.

By using galvanized batteries, air containing sodium chloride will be shielded into positive ions namely sodium and negative ions namely chloride. And it becomes an energy source that can generate electricity like a lamp on a long, pushing experiment.

The initial experiment carried out was to use salt water with a volume of 200 ml and the result was that the lights could light up for longer than 8 hours. However, after 8 hours, the battery must be replaced with a new one because it cannot produce electricity within the next 6 months.

How to make a salt power plant

You can do this new energy source in an easy way. Following are the steps:

Prepare all the equipment needed,

  • namely,
  • glass,
  • salt water,
  • kebel,
  • batteries,
  • cables and lights.
  • Then, add salt water to the glass

Followed by inserting

  • the battery and connecting the cable that has been connected to the lamp,
  • through the positive pole and negative pole.
  • If the lights can work,
  • your work must be successful

Simple Design of Salt Power Plants

Those are some of the explanations that we can share on how to make a new source of electrical energy by using materials that are cheap and very easy to get, using salt water solutions.

After doing this research, in the Philippines began to use salt water for 600 lights each meeting.

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