Science try to explain why the street lights gave a sense of security

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Research has shown that the dark causes the number of people who are way beyond his main reason was declining and because people tend to feel unsafe walking in darkness.

There’s a reason why evolutionary people did not feel safe at night – we cannot see clearly, and this makes our ancestors are prone to predators. But now worries the pedestrian is not predatory animals, but rather the fear of being robbed or been the victim of other crimes.

Some studies have shown that outdoor lighting can lower the crime rate in the region although there is also evidence to refute it. A review of research did find the link between the new lighting facilities and the drop in the crime rate, but it is also seen in the daytime so it shows that street lighting is not a deciding factor. The results of these reviews have been criticized by many researchers and statistical analysis on large scale also failed to find a link between the level of crime and street light outages at night.

Street lights may not affect crime, but certainly the more light – the light is then people will feel increasingly safe walking at night. This can result in a significant increase in the time people spend running each week. In addition, it can press the numbers that people avoid traveling at night, reducing social isolation and improve mental and physical health as well as increase the sense of pride in the community.

Street light can improve the quality of life of communities by making people feel more secure. However, flooding the streets with our lighting the lamp at night is not a wise decision. Street lighting need money: annual electric bill for street lights of the United Kingdom was estimated at £220 million or Rp 4.3 trillion. Artificial lighting can also be bad on wildlife and nature, for example street lights can prevent the growth of frogs and toads so they can’t lay eggs.

Fluorescent street light also means we will be increasingly rarely see the beauty of the night sky, make astronomers increasingly frustrating and limiting our appreciation of the environment. For these reasons then lighting the lamp should be used selectively and efficiently with proper guidance for the parties authorized to install and maintain street lights.

Guidelines for street lighting in the United Kingdom and other countries are now based upon the evidence that questionable until a group of researchers at the University of Sheffield lights conducts research to figure out how to light the streets pose a feeling safe at night at the same time improve the quality of inventions that are used to create guidelines for street lighting.

Evidence explained

In one recent experiment, we asked the people to the streets in several streets in the city of Sheffield in the evening and then assess the secure feeling of their own. We also ask them to do the same thing during the day to set a baseline measurement of the sense of security and also consider the bias that might arise if the assessment of a sense of security is only done after dark days already.

Differences in the assessment of safety between day and night gives new insights regarding the illumination lamp – the smaller the difference between the feeling of security assessment day and night then people will feel even more secure due to the light bulbs. We compared the different participants with the assessment calculation performed on the lights on the road, including the average illumination (the amount of light that falls and touches the road surface) and uniformity (how much equitable placement the street lights in one area).

Nowadays, the average value of illumination being the main gauges in the installation and evaluation of street lights. We found that despite an increase in the average value of illumination increases the feeling of safety, uniformity is much more important to make people feel safe. So to make people feel more secure then it would be better if each light is distributed evenly rather than increase the illumination.

Authorities in the United Kingdom has committed changes to street lighting system they have. They replace sodium lamps with LED lights orange. These LEDS have a higher energy efficiency so as to save the taxpayers money. They also provide more autonomy for the representatives of the people in the area of related problems of street lighting.

Street lights if used wisely can improve a person’s quality of life and can make the surroundings come alive at night. But there are still plenty of things that ought to be traced on how people response against street lighting and its effects on society and the environment – this kind of research can shed some light.

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