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Providing the latest technology in electricity continues to grow. Especially in terms of supporting the advancement of the electric industry in the future. “All aspects of the industry in Indonesia requires a source of energy and electricity, ” said the Chairman of the community Electricity Indonesia (ICM) Supangkat Iwan Santoso in the show’s “an exhibition for Electric, Power, and Renewable Energy Indonesia 2018 ” at JIEXPO Kemayoran,, Central Jakarta, Wednesday (16/9).

The exhibition held on 16 to 19 this upcoming September presents the progress of the industry in the field of electricity and energy. This year, the movement of the exhibition increased by 22.5 per cent compared with last year.

This year, a total of 940 participants from 51 countries competes in an international-scale event. Some of the countries which participated, among others, the Group Pavilion Chinese, India, Germany, and Korea.

PT Pamerindo as organizers sought to establish co-operation to all institutions involved in the electrical industry and energy. “Although the challenge is great, we tried to focus on the potential base of industry peers, ” explained Project Director PT Pamerindo Indonesia Wiwiek Roberto.

Electric remote control

A flurry of variety happening every day may never make us forget turning off the AIR CONDITIONING the room because of the rush. Schneider Electric seeks to solve these problems for the inhabitants of the smart city is at once began to introduce the concept of the internet on things (IoT) into Indonesia community.

“We integrate electric device with internet connection, ” says Head of Marketing Communication PT Schneider Electric Indonesia Donald Situmorang. In between home automation devices and smart panel.

Home automation is one of a series of new electrical products from Schneider by using the internet as a controller. Its newest product, the EZInstall3-Tech Electrical switch with wireless capabilities.

Some electrical household devices can be controlled only by remote control or via the internet. When forget turning off the air conditioning, home owners do not need to return to the place of residence or request a household Assistant.

Switch that is already connected to the IP network cable internet can be controlled with just a gadget. Simply open the application that was already installed in the android or IOS, AIR CONDITIONING can be turned off remotely over the internet network at home and the gadget works well.

Not only is the AIR CONDITIONING only, this Automation switch can also be mounted on television or lights. For example, when the House was forced to empty because Barca is left.

Its owner could efficiency the use of electricity by the House lights turn on and off when needed only.

EZInstall3 technology does not require any extra effort in the process of installation. “Simply undoing the previous switch and replaced it with the automation, ” explains Donald.

No matter the substitution process only takes no more than five minutes. EZInstall3-owned TruRetroit system can adjust and do instant automation on the old building.

In addition through the gadget, the automation switch can also be operated via the remote control. While in the House, all the automation can be done up to a distance of 370 meters. Unlike conventional infra red, the system can be controlled wireless through walls up to solid.

Schneider Electric also penetrates integrated internet via Smart Panels. Electric Panel is hidden somewhere in a building.

Formerly, to record the data required the technician sees them manually. With the smart panel, data already stored automatically.

To control panel can also be done remotely as long as there is an electrical connection. For example, air conditioning Office suites can be arranged when turned on and off at the specified time.

This certainly could make electricity in a more efficient Office and punched the company’s operational costs. Automation technology of Schneider is indeed belongs to is fairly new.

Launched since the end of last year, its products have got a warm welcome from some corporate and residential. “Technological innovation which is integrated with the internet will continue to evolve in the future, ” explains Donald. Smart city and smart home is indeed increasingly known in modern life. It is this that will continue to be taken in creating a wide range of Schneider innovations in its products.

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