Waste power plant in Dubai will Supply 120,000 House

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Power plant waste into clean energy solutions already for a long time, but its application is only done in low scale. The Dubai Government announced that his city would have the biggest waste power plant in the world.

Targeted of plant will absorb two million tons of solid waste per year or the equivalent of 60 percent of garbage in Dubai alone. With that much raw materials, electricity capacity will reach 185 megawatts and able to accommodate as many as 120,000 home.

Interestingly, China also is building the largest waste power plant in Shenzhen and equally targeted for completion in 2020. While the reserved capacity, the difference only 20 megawatts lower than Dubai although both consume 5,500 tons of garbage per day.

Dubai has set up two acres of land in the area of electric lines and Warsan will be dedicated to local residents. The Dubai Government take steps in cooperation with several partners such as Hitachi Zosen Inova and Besix Group in development projects.

Construction will begin in the next few months. The cost will reach $680 million. If all goes according to plan, the facility can operate before Dubai Expo 2020.

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