What is the Greenhouse Effect?

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At this time the temperature of the Earth’s atmosphere feels hotter than before. Climatologists estimate that the temperature of the Earth’s atmosphere has risen by an average of 0.5 ° C from 100 years ago. Even based on observations of the past 30 years, the increase in the average temperature of air around the world is 2 ° C. The increase in average temperature will continue to increase if there is no prevention. That is, disaster really threatens humanity !! The disaster took the form of the warming impact of global warming due to the greenhouse effect. But what exactly is the greenhouse effect? We will discuss a little based on what the greenhouse effect is.

What is the Greenhouse Effect?

The greenhouse effect is a natural event that happens similar to reflecting heat in a greenhouse that farmers use to grow vegetables in the winter in a country that knows 4 seasons. Sunlight goes into the greenhouse to help the assimilation process. Remaining heat from the sun should be released into the atmosphere. However, the glass chamber and glass roof reflect that heat so that the air temperature in the room rises and warms up. The heat reflection returns to the room, which makes the temperature in the room warm, called the greenhouse effect.

So, what is the process of the greenhouse effect on this earth?

Around the earth there is a “blanket” layer formed because of the presence of greenhouse gases (GHGs) and particles that float in the Earth’s atmosphere. The layers in the earth’s atmosphere reflect back heat from the earth so that the earth becomes warm. These greenhouse gases are the main cause of the greenhouse effect, while particles that hover in the Earth’s atmosphere only make a relatively small contribution.

Greenhouse gas itself is a gas that arises naturally and is a result of industrial activities. Examples of greenhouse gases (GHG) are CO2 (carbon dioxide), CH4 (methane), N2O (nitrogen oxides), CFCs (chloro fluoro carbon), HFC (hydro fluoro carbon), PFC (perfluoro carbon), SF6 (sulfur hexafluoro) . If the GHG is released into the atmosphere and reaches the troposphere, a “blanket” or “greenhouse” layer will form the earth. The particles that hover in the Earth’s atmosphere come from volcanic eruptions with volcanic ash. When hovering in the earth’s atmosphere before then falling to earth, volcanic dust (ash) acts as a blanket layer that confines the earth.

This greenhouse will reflect some of the heat from the earth back to earth so that the earth and atmosphere warms up. If this continues, the world is threatened with global warming. The initial description of how the effects of global warming will befall the earth and all its contents can be seen in the following figure.

Greenhouse Effect Mechanism

So a little description of what the greenhouse effect is. Hopefully through the picture above, my friends can understand what is meant by the greenhouse effect and its effect on the environment.

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